The most common tinder openers

Jak zagadac na tinderze - pozytywna reakcja kobiety

How to talk on the tinder? This is a very common problem for guys. 99% of my students committed the same mistake. They started the conversation in the following way:

“What’s up?”

tinder openers - examples

There is nothing interesting about it. A woman gets hundreds of such messages. This method will only work if you have very good photos and you are lucky that a woman will read your message.

In order for a woman to talk to you more willingly, you need to be more interesting and interests her. Unfortunately, for this you must be very creative. I do not like to make my life difficult, so I tried a way that exceeded my wildest expectations.

Tinder pick up line that will surprise you 

I started to meet in the first message. I wrote, “I’m a concrete guy, coffee?” If you have good photos, it works very well. From my observations, 5 out of 10 women to whom I sent it wanted to make a date. I’m talking about coffee meeting. If the meeting is boring, we part with no regrets.

Women have enough talks on Tinder, from which nothing comes out. Most of them like to meet people and will be happy to go somewhere. They must only be sure that nothing will happen to them. That is why the relevant photos and place of the meeting are important.

If you already have the good photos, try this method to arrange a meeting. I just want you to come up with your unique message. Women can associate the example shown here, and they do not like copying. They want to meet someone special.


Write in a comment how this works for you. Comments are anonymous so you can also write how it was on a date. Let it be the motivation for other guys.


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Tinder pick up lines? Common tinder openers and simple method to have a date

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