I saw many profiles on Tinder, male and female. I definitely say that it’s the wrong pictures that cause no matches on Tinder or no messages. All because you have created a bad image of yourself in the eyes of a woman.

No matches on Tinder! What is the reason?

Take your phone now, open Tinder, review photos and answer the most important questions that will help you in choosing photos:

What does this picture say about me? 
What information does he provide about me?

If a picture does not say anything about you, it does not make sense to throw it in. A woman does not know you, she does not know anything about you. When reviewing a few of your photos, he must decide if he wants to devote his time and get to know you more on a date.

Many guys put on a simple selfie in a T-shirt.

tinder pictures of guys - the reason for no matches on Tinder

Such something definitely rejects a woman. The woman thinks about you that:

  1. If you have to take pictures yourself, it means that you are strange and you do not have any friends. A woman may even be afraid that you will do something to her.
    An attractive guy does not take photos of himself (or rather does not upload them to the internet) only friends make him on a common exit, party, etc.
  2. You have to be really packed and handsome guy to look masculine in a T-shirt. It’s not like that in most guys. The guys in the T-shirt look childish. A woman does not want a boy but a man. I want to feel feminine with him and brag to him in front of my friends. 20 years old in T-shirt definitely does not meet her assumptions.
    And all you need to do is dress up an elegant and well-fitting shirt. You do not need so much. You will see how you look more masculine and handsome. The conditions are such that the shirt must fit well and put it in pants.
  3. The woman assumes that the photos you threw onto Tinder are your best photos selected from hundreds of others (they do). It does not put you in the best light. A boy without any friends. No wonder I miss you.

Tinder pictures – Which one to choose?

So that what he writes about here brings you any benefits you need to act.

  1. First of all, create a new account on Tinder. On your current account you will not get a “lick” from women who have already rejected you. There is nothing to lose good opportunities.
  2. Search all your photos. You have to be well dressed for them. There are going to be some people around as attractive as you. Photos with women are ideal. This shows to other women that you are “proven” that women are not afraid of you.
    If you do not have such photos, start them. If you go out somewhere, ask your friends to take pictures of you. After just one exit, you can have a few suitable pics.
  3. If you do not want to put photos with friends directly on Tinder because you do not have their consent, put them on the instagrama. Nobody will mind that you throw them in there. Fix the instagram accounts in Tinder. Women will definitely see them.


I am convinced that after applying my advice, do not be too anxious, he complained about the lack of couples. 🙂  Show in your comment how you went. If you have any questions, also write them in the comment. I will answer all your questions.


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No Matches on Tinder? How to choose best Tinder pictures

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